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Bhonsala Institute of Information Technology (BIIT) was established in the year 2010 with the objective of imparting IT Related Training support & Computer maintenance support to all the units of CHME Society. The BIIT office was inaugurated in 2010 at the hands of Shri. Narayan Ghatate, the former President of CHME Society.
Currently around 4800 students, enrolled in the various schools under CHMES, are provided computer training by BIIT.


The Vision of BIITS is to provide IT Support to the CHME Society and its affiliated institutions by the means of hardware maintenance, networking and IT training to staff and students

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Chairman, BIIT

Shri. Pankaj Tupsundar

Secretary, BIIT


Member, BIIT


Member, BIIT


Member, BIIT


Member, BIIT

Shri. Mahesh Kulkarni

Member, BIIT


Software and Antivirus Installation

Software and antivirus are installed in all the PCs in the campus and updated. Technical support is provided to the computer staff of each unit. BIIT also ensures purchase of legal licensed software for the labs.


All the purchasing related to computers, printers, scanners, software, Microsoft Yearly agreements are done through BIIT. BIIT is responsible for approaching vendors, inviting quotations as per the CHMES norms and procurement of equipments and systems.


Maintenance of All Computer labs and Networks in the Bhonsala Campus
BIIT undertakes the maintenance of all the computer labs in the campus. The Labs of DMI and BMC are ISO certified and eligible to conduct online examinations of various departments of the Government. The MATHLAB installation and technical support is provided by BIIT to the Bhonsala Military School and Vidyaprabhodhini Prashala. The language labs in Vidyaprabhodhini Prashala, CBSE, also functions under the supervision of BIIT.

Website maintenance, Support and Updation

BIIT is responsible for overall co-ordination of the Websites of all the Units of CHME Society.

CCTV Camera Maintenance

All the units of CHMEs are under the CCTV surveillance. The CCTV systems are maintained by BIIT with support from Super systems. Regular backups are taken and stored for records. In case of any untoward incidents like theft, fights or commotions, the recordings are made available to the unit heads for investigation and action.

Student and Staff training

BIIT provides training in MS office, Internet and tally to the staff of various units of CHMEs.


The BIIT staff provides technical support and guidance to all the units during important events, seminars, workshops, online examinations, SPPU examination, SSC and HSC board online examinations


The BIIT infrastructure consists of a main office and a big and self sufficient computer laboratory. The lab consists of 15 PCs and with broadband and Wi Fi internet connection.

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